Ruth Beckermann-Filmcollection

A reflexion on the power of images and on collective memory beautifully arranged in a 8 DVD box set and supplementary textbook.

Films dealing with the repressed remembrance of the period of national socialism: RETURN TO VIENNA (2011), PAPER BRIDGE (1987), EAST OF WAR (1996). Documentary road-movies: TOWARDS JERUSALEM (1990), A FLEETING PASSAGE TO THE ORIENT (1999). The „coffeehouse-film“ HOMEMAD(E) (2001), a piece about Austrian sensitivities at the time of the political „turnabout“ resulting from the government-coalition with the extreme right. ZORRO’S BAR MITZVA, released 2006/07, an entertaining „coming-of-age“ film accompaning four jewish adolescents as they prepare for their bar or bat mitzvot. Early films on the topics of labour disputes and the „Arena squatting“: ARENA SQUATTED - SUDDENLY, A STRIKE – THE STEEL HAMMER OUT THERE ON THE GRASS

Each film is accompanied by a recent interview with the filmmaker. This collection comprises for the first time photos and documents, a portrait of the filmmaker and her early works

EXTRAS Theatrical Trailers, photo galleries
A textbook with essays, photos and reflexions on
Ruth Beckermann’s films completes the collection.