After years of distance, filmmaker Rebecca Hirneise approaches her pious family to speak with them about religion for the first time. Documentary observations of family gatherings melt with discussion rounds, archive material, notes and memories.
The film circles around the question of whether living out one's faith is perhaps less healing, but rather painful for some family members. A debate ensues that reveals a broad spectrum of absolute faith in the Bible, a charismatic ecstasy and a deep-seated fear of God. An unusually intensive and individual world of Christianity unfolds.

God between Us is a personal family portrait that shows the power that religion can have hold over a family.


Rebecca Hirneise was born and raised in Mühlacker, a small town in southern Germany and has been living and working in Vienna for many years. Her previous experience includes work in documentary and feature films, as well as in the field of experimental film. After an education in photography, Rebecca Hirneise studied media art at the University for Art and Design in Karlsruhe and directing and screenwriting at the Vienna Film Academy.

FILMOGRAPHY (selection)

Direction & Book:

ALLTAG (2018, 30 min, short feature film, direction/book, world premiere: K3 Film Festival Villach)
HUONE 4.11B (2014, 4 min, short feature film, direction/book, world premiere: Filmfestival FUFF Estland)
ALTER FLUGPLATZ (2013, 40 min, documentary, direction, world premiere: Kurbel Karlsruhe)
EIS (2010, 4 min, short documentary, direction/cinematography, world premiere: ZKM Stummfilmtage Karlsruhe)

Assistant Director & Production Manager:

MUTZENBACHER (2022, 100 min, documentary, assistant director/production manager, D: Ruth Beckermann (Best Film – Berlinale Encounters 2022))
THE WALDHEIM WALTZ (2018, 93 min, documentary, assistant/post-production coordination, D: Ruth Beckermann, world premiere: Berlinale - Forum (Glashütte-Original Documentary Award))

Book  Rebecca Hirneise & Philipp Diettrich
Director Rebecca Hirneise
Cinematography Tilmann Rödiger
Sound Cristi Iorga
Editing Florian Kecht
Producer Ruth Beckermann
Production Ruth Beckermann Filmproduktion
Cast Birgit Arnold, Conny Epple, Volker Epple, Rebecca Hirneise, Anette Kirschner, Reinhold Kirschner, Martha Kirschner, Otto Kirschner, Evmarie Klein, Hartmut Klein, Hanna Moser


As a result of my grandparents’ dementia, I reconnected with my family and was thrown back into a world from which I had distanced myself for a long time. I haven't lived in my home town Mühlacker in southern Germany for fifteen years now. I am one of the few agnostics in my family and I always considered religion as an interpersonal construct that mainly provokes conflict. Though as my distanced increased, my interest grew to learn more about my family’s faith. I knew that they
did not talk to each other about their faith for a very long time. Through the filming they started to talk. But as soon as our conversation turned on the subject of religion, things got complicated. Religion appears to be something that people don’t like to discuss.
Nevertheless, religion was and is a constant presence in my family. God is always spoken of, is sung to and prayed for – except in my mother’s house.

Rebecca Hirneise, December 2023
Press Kit

Interview Rebecca Hirneise
Rebecca Hirneise © Sophia_Wiegele
ZWISCHEN UNS GOTT © Ruth Beckermann Filmproduktion
ZWISCHEN UNS GOTT © Ruth Beckermann Filmproduktion
ZWISCHEN UNS GOTT © Ruth Beckermann Filmproduktion
ZWISCHEN UNS GOTT © Ruth Beckermann Filmproduktion